I am creative and motivated designer skilled in digital image creation, animations, web design and other graphic elements recent graduate of Graphic Design Technology.


Life is too short to just be one thing but what I am is an artist of the world made of canvas. I was a chef before I became a Graphic Designer. Create, believe, inspire and always be positive is my moto. I moved to Canada from Nepal when I was thirteen. I lived in Ottawa for a long time, then to a small town, Chesterville where my children were born. Now I am living on a beautiful island in British Columbia, Victoria. I have met a multitude of people in my life. In this fast paced and easily replaceable world, I have come to know and realize no one person is ever replaceable. Every individual is special and each life I have touched is irreplaceable and extraordinary. No bond should be forgotten or replaced. You are special in every shape and form. I care about each piece of work and make it as special as it can be. Life is special and every effort matters. I strive to bring color, life, and positivity. I genuinely believe in manifesting what you want. Anything and everything are possible. Miracles happen each day, if you do not believe me, just close your eyes, and observe your breath because every breath is a miracle that is forgotten and taken granted for.

Let’s build something together.